1986 Outman Family Reunion
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The 1986 Reunion was the first national Outman Reunion since 1913. This reunion was the idea of Martha (Outman) Gruenewald. After meeting with some of her cousins in St. Louis during the summer of 1985, they decided to hold a reuniuon there the following year. Lee (Outman) David and her daughter Andrea Frimel were in charge of the St. Louis arrangements while Martha was in charge of the correspondence.

Read the reunion report and the newspaper articles.

Descendants of Jacob Outman
Starting at the far right column, top to bottom:
Column 1: Greg Skinner, Don Lockas, Virgene Outman Lockas, Earline Hall Outman, William Outman
Column 2: George Barber, Henrietta Outman Barber, Karen Skinner, Dorene Lockas Gilbert
Column 3: Kevin Outman, Madelyn Peters, Lillian Outman Golino, Leland Outman
Column 4: Dean Lockas, Dianne Carmack, Loretta Outman Johnson, Lelah Outman Carmack,
Phyllis Outman, Evelyn Outman Perkins, Kristopher Clark

Descendants of Jonah Outman
Back row (l to r): Ardis Outman Barnabee, Harold Outman
Middle row (l to r): Richard Barnabee, Arlene Outman Collins, Winona Outman
Front row (l to r): Lyle Miller, Helen Miller, Dorothy Miller Voss, Leo Voss

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