1991 Outman Family Reunion
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June 28-29 1988

On Friday, June 28, 1991 members of the Outman Family started arriving at the Carpet Inn in Battle Creek, Michigan. Some who had arrived early enough visited several local cemeteries to view and take pictures of the burial sites of deceased family members of the Jonah Outman families.

Friday evening we were welcomed at the restaurant adjoining the motel by some of the Michigan relatives. Time was spent visiting, renewing friendships and making new acquaintances.

Dorothy and Leo Voss hosted several of us at the local Family Welcome Restaurant for breakfast on Saturday morning.

At 12:30 nearly 100 members of the Outman Family met at the Community Hall in Scotts, MI for a bountiful pot-luck dinner. Displays of family momentosand pictures were set up in the registration room. The dining hall had the genealogical computer print outs on display of the different branches of the family. Martha Lee Gruenewald was responsible for this.

The dinner blessing was by Wayne Outman, a descendant of Jonah's. After the delicious dinner the business meeting was called by President Dorothy Voss. Officers elected for the next reunion were:

Lillian Outman Golino (California) - President
Virgene Outman Lockas (Illinois) - Recording Secretary
Martha L. Outman Gruenewald (Colorado) - Corresponding Secretary
Herman Gruenewald (Colorado) - Treasurer
Herman had already been busy collecting the dues which are $5.00 per year per family.

Lillian Golino announced the next reunion would be near Sacramento, California in 1993.

Evelyn Outman Perkins, daughter of William H. Outman who was president of the 1911, 1912, and 1913 reunions, only member to attend all 6 reunions, was introduced and read 2 poems on hugging, a theme that has been elaborated on at the last 3 get-togethers

              MORE ABOUT HUGS
      There's something in a simple hug
      That always warms the heart;
      It welcomes us back home
      And makes it easier to part.

      A hug's a way to share the joy
      And sad times we go through,
      Or just a way for friends to say
      They like you 'cause you're you.

      Hugs are meant for anyone
      For whom we really care,
      From your grandma to your neighbor,
      Or a cuddly teddy bear.

      A hug is an amazing thing--
      It's just the perfect way
      To show the love we're feeling
      But can't find the words to say.

      It's funny how a little hug
      Makes everyone feel good
      In every place and language,
      It's always understood.

      And hugs don't need equipment,
      Special batteries or parts--
      Just open up your arms
      And open up your hearts.
                       By Jill Wolf

      It is a wonderful thing what a hug can do
      A hug can cheer you, especially when you are blue;
      A hug can talk and say "I LOVE YOU"
      Or it can say, "I hate to see you go".

      A hug is a "Welcome back again",
      And "Great to see you", "Where have you been?"
      A hug can soothe a small child's pain
      and bring a rainbow after rain.

      A hug, there is just no doubt about it,
      We scarcely could survive without it,
      A hug delights, and warms and charms
      That must be why God gave us arms

      Hugs are great for fathers and mothers,
      Sweet for sisters, as well as brothers,
      And chances are good you favorite aunts
      Love them more than potted plants.

      Kittens crave them, puppies love them,
      Even heads of state are not about them.
      A hug can break the language barrier
      And make your travel so much the merrier

      No need to fret aboutyour store of them,
      For the more you give the more there is of them,
      So why not stretch those arms without delay
      And give a great big hug today?
                           By Dean Walley

Members of families from California, Washington, Florida, Illinois, Colorado, and Michigan were introduced and all who wished were allowed to speak. William Henry Outman from St. Augustine, Fla penned and read the following poem.

      A poem for the Outman Reunion by William H. Outman of Fla.

      This is the Outman Reunion, the 6th its nearly past.
      I'm sure everyone enjoyed it, it certainly won't be the last.
      From the oldest to the youngest, we all still have a lot to learn.
      For sure - So say Hello - Shake a Hand, Give a Hug, it really is a care.
      The time is now - To plain ahead - Give much thought - Elect our officers for Number seven.

      So lets not put it off, or we will have to meet in Heaven.
      We gain a lot of information, we learn more of our family tree.
      What better gift we can give our children? Than to learn of our History.

After our farewells several visiting families toured the cemeteries and also went to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Battle Creek.

Most visiting families to the area stayed over and attended church services on Sunday, did some sight-seeing or enjoyed the balloon festival.

Final goodbyes on Monday morning as we left for our many destinations.

Respectfully submitted,
Virgene Outman Lockas
Recording Secretary

The families of John, Jacob, and Jonah were all represented. Still no representation from Stephen's. We don't know any descendants of Rachael or Abigail.

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