1999 Outman Family Reunion
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July 1999
Branson, MO

A meeting of Outman offspring was held after breakfast on Wednesday morning, July 14th, 1999 on a patio deck overlooking the pool at La Palace Inn in Branson, Missouri. Beverly Outman Heath called the meeting to order and suggestions were taken for the next Outman Reunion. Virgene suggested that they have it in Illinois where the first Outman reunion was held. Virgene had brought information and distributed it to the group for their perusal. A vote was taken and passed to have the next reunion in Illinois.

The next order of business was to elect new officers. Nominations were taken for President, Virgene and for Vice President, the Jacob Outman family. The nominees were elected unanimously. It was also voted that Jennifer Welsh would continue as Secretary.

Next, the dinner tabs from the Tuesday evening meal were squared up with Herb Heath who took care of the bill himself and then tallied the difference for each family.

Annual dues were brought up. Many had already sent their dues in to Vaughn. Gordon and Elaine Outman paid their 1999-2000 dues of $10.00 in cash to Herb Heath to forward on to Vaughn. Dues continue to be only $5.00 per family per calendar year.

The families represented at the 1999 Outman summer reunion were from Jonah, Jacob and Stephen Outman. The John Outman family was missing from this gathering. Gordon and Elaine Outman (from Endicott, NY) were present with oldest daughter, Sue and her husband, Sherm Merchant (from North Carolina). Beverly Outman Heath and her husband Herb, came from Leesburg, Florida. Their oldest daughter, Donna House, and family also from Leesburg, Florida were present; two of her children, Rebekah and Jacob. Jacob brought along his baby daughter, Morgan (2 months old) and her mother, Alicia.

The families had met the evening before at McGuffie's restaurant for a meal together followed by a show at the Baldknobber's across the street from the hotel. Others shared in their plans for sightseeing and shows to try to encourage getting together. After the morning meeting a large group went directly for a sightseeing tour on the "Duck". Breakfast each day was a good time for getting to know each other and the coffee shop was quite the buzz.

Wednesday evening, many met for dinner in the restaurant next door to the hotel. Then those interested met at the Hughes Brothers show for another evening of entertainment together. One of the Hughes brothers tried to persuade Bev Heath to go up on stage for some audience participation but she modestly declined. Her daughter, Donna House, was then gently dragged up on stage to play the fair Lolita, a Mexican maiden as Jason Hughes "mock shot" all the other male contenders for the heart of the lady. She allowed the entertainers to place a red shawl around her shoulders and a rose in her hair but had to draw the line when asked to get down on her knees. Donna's father probably enjoyed the humiliation of his daughter the most, from the look on his face and the sound of his laughter. She was rewarded however with a Hughes Brother's CD and was truly grateful that the show was not recorded for future humiliation.

Thursday was the last day of the gathering with no scheduled events however many met and attended different shows together.

Respectfully submitted,
Donna (Heath) House
Recorded in Absence of Secretary Jennifer Welsh

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