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Unconnected Outman branches


When I was growing up, my parents often said that if I met any other Outmans, they would surely be related to me because Outman is not a common last name. That belief was probably handed down in the family and may have been related to our ancestors changing their family name to Outman.

Well, its turns out that they were not entirely correct!

Most Outmans in the United States are descended from Jacob Jeremiah and Mary (Poole) Outman, but not all. There are at least 2 Outman lines that are not related to Jacob Jeremiah and Mary. This page is intended to document some of these Outmans.

Thomas Roscoe Outman

Thomas Roscoe Outman was born July 31, 1885 in Columbus, Georgia as 1 of 6 children to Jesse and Emeline Aughtman. Sometime before he married, he changed his last name to Outman. According to his daughter, Olive, the reason he did this is not known. On September 12, 1917, in North Carolina he married Flossie May Daniels who was 16 years his junior. They went to live in Georgia for a couple of years, to be near Thomas' family. Later they moved to North Carolina to be near Flossie's family. Thomas Roscoe Outman and his wife Flossie had 2 daughters, Roxie and Olive, and 1 son, Thomas R. Outman, Jr. When Thomas died at the age of 42, his children were still quite young. His daughter, Olive (Outman) Thornton, said that Thomas' children never knew their father's original name was Aughtman until well after he died and their Uncle John Aughtman visited the family.

Thomas R. Outman, Jr. and his wife Martha had 1 daughter and 2 sons and so there are now several Outmans descended from this line. Some of these Outmans are now located in Maryland and Michigan.

Click on this link to view the descendants of Jesse Aughtman.

Olive (Outman) Thornton, daughter of Thomas Roscoe Outman
Obituary for Thomas Roscoe Outman, Jr.

Jan Willem Outman

Jan Willem Outman was born in Den Haag, Netherlands in 1891. His wife Lina was a native of Germany born in 1895. In the 1920's, Jan and Lina had three children born in the Arnhem, Netherlands. Sometime around the 1930's or '40's Jan and Lina moved their family to Indonesia, which at that time was still a Dutch colony. Jan operated business establishments in Indonesia. During World War II, the Japanese invaded Indonesia and Jan and Lina were confined to a Japanese prison camp on an Indonesian island.

In November 1951, Jan and Lina's youngest son Johannes and his wife Suzanna had a child, John, born in Medan, on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The next month they immigrated to Western Australia. In 1953-1955 Jan Willem Outman, Jr. and his wife Joanna Derksen had 2 children who were also born in Medan. In 1958, the Outmans decided it was time to leave Indonesia. Jan Sr. and wife Lina immigrated to Western Australia where their other son was living while Jan Jr., wife Joanna, and child immigrated to California.

In August 1967, Jan's mother, Lina Outman, who by that time was living in the Netherlands came to Los Altos, CA (south of San Francisco) to visit her son Jan and his family. In May 1968, while still in Los Altos, CA, Lina A. Outman died. Her husband, Jan Willem Outman, Sr. had predeceased her.

In November 1976, Jan Willem Outman, Jr. passed away in California. His younger brother Johannes died in 1992. Their descendents continue to live in California and Australia, respectively.

At least 2 children of Jan Willem Outman Jr. and wife Joana (Derksen) Outman still live in California. They are unrelated to the other Outmans who live there.

Click on this link to view the descendants of Jan Willem Outman, Sr.

Australian immigration application for Johannes Louis Outman and wife Suzanna (1951)
Indonesian birth record for Jeanette Irene Outman (1953)
Australian immigration application for Jan Willem Outman and wife Lina (1958)
List of Dutch Immigrants to Australia
Social security application for Jan Willem Outman, Jr. (1959)
Death certificate and obituary for Lina Augusta Minna Outman (1968)
Soc. Sec. master death index entry for Jan Willem Outman, Jr. (1976)

Internet links to (as yet) "unconnected" Outmans:

While searching the Internet for Outmans, I have come across many references to Outmans who are not in this genealogy database. Some of these people may not be related at all, like those above, but most are probably related in some way. I have accumulated quite a list of links to these web pages. If you know any of these people and know how they fit in to the Outman family tree, please let me know.

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