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Related genealogies on the Internet:

Genealogies related to the Rachael (Outman) Chrysler branch:
Whitcomb and Coopman Genealogy
This genealogy is related to the Chrysler line through Stella Chrysler's marriage to Cornelius Kroll.
Genealogies related to the Stephen Outman branch:
Ancestors of Jacqueline Lee Savage
Stephen Outman (1798-1871) married Susannah Savage about 1819. In this genealogy Susannah Savage's mother Bathsheba Rich is traced back to Thomas Rich who was born in England around 1670.

Descendants of Sebastian Frantz
Mattie M. Outman (1868-1897) married George Frantz (France?) in 1887. In this genealogy, the France/Frantz family is traced back to Sebastian Frantz who was born in 1732 in Germany.

Descendents of Anderson Jeffers
Several Outmans married into this Jeffers family. This genealogy is traced back to Anderson Jeffers, b. July 1815 in Lindley, Steuben Co, NY.

Genealogies related to the Jonah Outman branch:
Richmond Genealogy
Hugh L.P. Outman (1847-1927) married Mary Ann Richmond in 1872. In this genealogy the Richmond family is traced back to Robert Richmond, born in England around 1612.
Genealogies related to the Jacob Outman branch:
Tuthill Genealogy
Elizabeth "Betsey" Outman (1841-1916) married Daniel Braley Tuthill around 1858. The Tuthill family line is traced back to John Tuthill in England who died in 1582.

Heesen Genealogy
Will Meyer (1858-1923), the son of Sarah Elsina Outman (1830-1885) and D.R. Meyer married Honah Heesen in 1889. This family is traced back to Willem Heesen who was born around 1630 in the Netherlands.

Tazewell Genealogy
Mary Elsina Outman (1878-1962) married Roy S. Tazewell in 1903. In this genealogy the Tazewell line is traced back to William I. Tanswell, born in England around 1535.

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Links to information/data about individuals in this family tree:

Members of Rachael (Outman) Chrysler branch:
Almira (Chrysler) Nelson (1849-1871):
Mary Spear (1867-1879):
Members of Jonah Outman branch:
Ann Eliza Outman (1869-1869):
Orrin Outman (1819-1876):
William Outman (1849-1881):
Estelle Outman (1882-1882):
Jay Clarence Outman (1899-1966):
Charles Edgar Outman (1950-1969):
Members of Stephen Outman branch:
Stephen D. Outman (1798-1871):
Erastus C. Outman (1847-1920):
Anna (Outman) Stevens (1873-1950):
  • Information about a Collection of her diaries in the Pennsylvania State Archives, including 2 teachers' provisional certificates.
Members of John Outman branch:
Martha (Outman) Gruenwald:
  • Martha included in the Konersman genealogy
Members of Jacob Outman branch:
Jacob Outman (1808-1881):
George Willis Outman (1829-1862):
Elizabeth "Betsey" (Outman) Tuthill (1841-1916):
Daniel Braley Tuthill (1829-1909):
Richard Worth Doty (1852-1913):
Charles Wesley Purdy (1840-1912):
Wallace Clarence Purdy (1869-1942):
William Henry Outman (1853-1918):

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Additional links :

Many of these people may be relations or descendants of Jacob Jeremiah Outman, but we haven't figured out exactly where they fit in yet. If you know how any of these Outmans connect to our family tree, please contact us.

Lawrence Outman, b. 17 May 1909 in San Diego Co.
James J. Outman GM VP in Foster City, CA
Tom W. Outman, Alameda, CA: looking for sailing crew
Rik Outman, Nikken - Magnetic Products, Danville, CA
Timothy Outman, executive recruiter, Santa Clara, CA
Timothy Outman, Class of '71, Univ. of Calif. at Berkeley
Joana Outman, San Bernardino, CA

Kathy Outman in Gainsville, FL
Robert Outman in Tallahassee, FL

? Outman, Quincey Univ., Quincey, IL
Emily Outman, 2000 Winter Invitational Swim Meet

Kathie Outman at Iowa State University

R. R. Outman in Arkansas City, KS, July 19, 1884

Dell Outman, Pilot, Frederick, MD
April Outman in Rockville, Maryland
David Outman, Damascus, MD; 1999 4-H Swine Results
Tammy S. Outman in Maryland

Madeline Outman in Boston, Jan 2001
Rachael Outman, (Dec, '98 photo)

First Families of Ionia County SURNAME Index
Effie Outman (6 yrs old), d. 6 Aug 1875 in Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI
John Outman (6 mths old), d. Jul 1878 in 7th Ward, Kent Co., MI
Frances Outman gave birth in a Gratiot County Poor Farm, Jan 1887
Bob Outman, Battle Creek, MI: Blepharospasm Support Group contact
Jane Outman in Heritage Middle School 7th Grade, Class of 1985
Josh Outman; Central Mich. Univ.
Joshua Outman, Programmer (Mendon, Michigan)
Donald Outman: Holland, MI; City Council Minutes, Jan. 17, '96
Emily Outman in Michiana, Michigan
Karen S. Outman, Insurance continuing education

Karie Outman, member of Hannibal-LaGrange College's Choir
Karie Lee Outman, Hannibal, MO
Melissa Outman - Southeast MO Univ. Catholic Campus Ministry
Theresa Outman in St. Louis, MO (soccer player)
Jeremiah Outman, ATV Racer, Missouri
Doug Outman, West High School, Ballwin, St. Louis Co., MO
Stacy Outman, Staff at Washington Univ., St. Louis Co., MO

New York:
Ida Outman (~1894-1948), buried in Lakeview Cem., Seneca Co., NY
Scott Outman, New York Art Crimes
Scott Outman, Ithaca, NY
Kenneth Outman: South Colonie Cent. School Dist., NY
Timothy Outman, NY: 1999 Atlantic City Archery Classic results
Ed and Terri Outman with son Jason in Rushford, NY (1999)
Ed Outman, Lancaster, NY Bike Club (1996)
Karl S. Outman, inventor from Peekskill, NY
Karl Outman m. Debra Holzweiss in Peekskill, NY

North Carolina:
Myrta Outman of Clarkton, NC

Federal Land Series, Settlers in OH and MS river valleys (1788-1810)

Tim Outman -sculptor-Gleneden Beach,OR

Gertie Outman (1876-1955) buried at Brookfield Twp. Cem., Tioga Co., PA
Paul G. Outman, d. April 15, 1920 age 11 months.
Lori Ofner-Outman; Cendersport, PA
Lorie Outman (mountain bike racer), Wellsboro, PA (1999)
Allen Outman, Class of 1961, Northern Potter High School, Potter Co., PA
Bradley Outman, Class of 1971, Northern Potter High School, Potter Co., PA
Sharon Outman, Class of 1974, Northern Potter High School, Potter Co., PA
Gary Outman, Class of 1977, Northern Potter High School, Potter Co., PA
Lisa Outman, Class of 1981, Northern Potter High School, Potter Co., PA
James Outman, Class of 1983, Northern Potter High School, Potter Co., PA
John Outman, Class of 1986, Northern Potter High School, Potter Co., PA
Samuel Outman, Class of 1991, Northern Potter High School, Potter Co., PA
Curt Outman in Eastern Lebanon County, PA

Rhode Island:
Alex Outman, newspaper editor; Providence, RI

Phyllis Aylene Outman, b. 6 Mar 1927 in Wichita County to Max and Ida (Brown) Outman
John Louis Outman, b. 16 Sept 1979 in Midland County
Gregory M. Outman m. Taryn K. Potter, 29 June 1998 in "SAS" Co. (?)
Melissa Outman in Dallas

Washington, DC:
Dell, Sarah, and Amy Outman at Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Sarah Outman married John Brophy, Feb. 2000
Michael Outman-BOLLING AFB, Washington, DC - COMMISSARY AND EXCH. OPS.

Location Unknown:
Teresa Outman- Mar 98-E-6 Advancement
Brenda J. Outman, National Guard
Mark Alan Outman listed on the "Missing Persons Bureau"
Patricia Silva Outman, member of Women in Health Care Management
David A. Outman: SMIRK Member (Radio club)
Helen Elizabeth (Outman) Haddock
Russell L. and Joanne (Wood) Outman
C. S. Outman, co-author of Removing Trace Organics from Drinking Water...
Mark Outman, married to Susan Carol Land

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