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What's New in Outman Genealogy?


Tree Bullet 26 Feb 2008: Announcement for 2008 Outman Family Reunion added.

Tree Bullet 15 Dec 2006: Added information about U. S. Patents issued to our Outman relatives.

Tree Bullet I don't do a very good job keeping this page up-to-date, so you should check out the website often, looking for new stuff.
Or you can try the "What's New" search on our Ultimate Search Page.

Tree Bullet 15 Dec 2002: Added an article about Bob Outman's 'Shoot-out with Terrorists' in 1976.

Tree Bullet 30 Nov 2002: Added a summary page of Outmans in the United States Census.

Tree Bullet 15 Mar 2002: Added photos and information from the 1986 Outman Reunion.

Tree Bullet 1 Mar 2002: Added additional photos to the photo page for descendants of John and Polly (Chapman) Outman. Also modified the page for easier viewing of the photos.

Tree Bullet Feb 2001: We have relocated to our new site at: OutmanGenealogy.org
Be sure to bookmark the new location.

Tree Bullet Added photo page for descendants of John and Polly (Chapman) Outman.

Tree Bullet The Y2K Outman Reunion has recently taken place. Visit the reunion page for more info.

Tree Bullet 24 Oct 1999: Missing person has been FOUND!
Outman Genealogy researchers have been searching for information about Abigail Outman for many years. She has finally been located. As hinted at by John Outman's 1853 letter, Abigail married Darius Stoddard in New York. Stoddard descendants have made contact with Sue Wells and have provided a great deal of information about Darius, Abigail, and their descendants.

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