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"How to" guide to the Outman Genealogy website

This website deals, primarily, with documenting the descendants of Jacob Jeremiah Outman and his wife (Mary Ann Poole) Outman. However I have also partially documented 2 ’unconnected’ lines of Outmans in the United States that do not descend from Jacob Jeremiah and Mary Ann.

Jacob Jeremiah and his wife lived in New York and raised their family there from around 1794 to 1810. While there were Outmans in the United States before this time, we are currently not able to trace our ancestry back further than this couple.

As you can see from the menu above, the primary method of organization on this site is by type of data. For example: Photos, Obituaries, and Documents. However, in many places, you will also find information organized according to which branch of the Outman Family tree it pertains. There are 6 main branches to the Outman Family Tree based upon the six children of Jacob Jeremiah and Mary Ann (Poole) Outman: Rachael, Jonah, Stephen, Abigail, John, and Jacob. An example of this type of organization is the Family Photos page.

Searching for ancestors:
If you are searching for relatives or ancestors, the best places to start are the Surname index and the Individuals index which are accessed from the Research page.

If we have additional information about a particular person, such as photos, obituary, etc. usually there will be a link from their individual page to the item.

Happy Hunting !

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