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Welcome to the Outman Genealogy Website!
Welcome to
OutmanGenealogy.org !

We are the most complete Outman genealogy resource on the Internet!

Contents include:

  • 7000 descendants of Jacob Jeremiah Outman
  • old photographs and letters
  • Civil War information
  • 858 obituaries and death notices of Outmans and other relatives
  • World Wide Web links to Outman information
  • information for hundreds of other relatives
  • and much, much more....
First Outman to work in the White House? Kevin D. Outman worked in the White House Communications Agency as Deputy Chief of Knowledge Management.

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3 Unconnected Outman Lines
There are at least 3 unconnected Outman lines in the United States:

1) Most Outmans in the U. S. are descendants of Jacob Jeremiah Outman and Mary Ann Poole. Most of this website is dedicated to this family tree and organized by using their children as the heads of those branches:
Rachael, Jonah, Stephen,
Abigail, John, and Jacob

2) The 2nd largest Outman family tree is descended from Thomas Roscoe Aughtman/Outman and Flossie May Daniels. For unknown reasons, Thomas changed his last name from Aughtman to Outman prior to 1917.

3) The final Outman line is descended from Jan Willem Outman of Holland and his wife Joana Derksen who moved to the U. S. in the late 1950's.
Outman Fact #1
According to the 1990 Federal Census, Outman is the 25,260th most common surname in the United States.
According to the 2000 Federal Census, Outman is the 38,395th most common surname in the United States (542 individuals). It looks we're losing ground!


Outman Fact #2
There are approx. 250 telephone listings for Outmans in the United States. Michigan has the most, followed distantly by NY, MO, and CA.


Outman Fact #3
Question: Which Outman had a father-in-law who fought on both sides during the Revolutionary War?
Answer: Stephen D. Outman. Stephen's father-in-law, James Savage was an Irishman and came to America during the American Revolution as a British Officer, fought under Burgoyne and was taken prisoner by American Troops at Ticonderoga. He was paroled and upon becoming convinced of the injustice of the War against the Americans, he fought on the American side.


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