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Outman Genealogy Database Queries

Following are a variety of queries which you can perform on the Outman Genealogy database. I've not seen any other Genealogy websites that provide the ability to do queries like this. I hope you find these interesting and useful.

If you have any ideas for additional queries, please email the webmaster.

Birth/death queries:

  • Search for Births
    in in the year (leave empty to
    search all years)
  • List people born in the month of:
  • Display graphs of seasonal birthrate variations

Name queries:

  • Find the
    most common
    first names
     in our database.

Location queries:

Lifespan statistics:

Find out how long our ancestors and relatives have lived.
  • View a graph of lifespans for Outmans and all surnames
  • Calculate statistics for:  
    Enter a surname:

Cause of death queries:

  • Create an alphabetized list of all the causes of death in our database.

  • Find the
    most common causes of death in our database.

General queries:

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