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Outmans in the United States Federal Census

The information below for the 1930 Census is compiled from the Ancestry.com index:

DISCLAIMER: It is not known how complete or accurate these indices are.

Outmans in the 1930 United States Census
State County City Census Schedule
Name Relation-
Age Birth
California Contra Costa Richmond ED 43, page 7A Outman, Leslie Head 35 Illinois  
        Pearl Wife 27 California  
        Lillian Daughter 8 California  
        Leslie Son 5 California  
California Contra Costa Richmond ED 41, page 6A Outman, Winfred H. Head 40 Illinois  
        Mabel J. Wife 38 California  
        William H. Son 16 California  
        May A. Daughter 8 California  
California Los Angeles Los Angeles ED 620, page 28B Outman, Richard U. Lodger 19 Texas The writing is not distinct;
this surname could be Oatman
Colorado Adams Brighton ED 37, page 4A Outman, Rudolph Lodger 56 Missouri  
Colorado Yuma Valley ED 11, page 5B Outman, Fred G. Head 44 Illinois  
        Jennie E. Wife 45 Nebraska  
        Elmer E. Son 19 Nebraska  
        Jennie E. Daughter 17 Colorado  
        Freddie H. Son 16 Colorado  
        Gladys V. Daughter 15 Colorado  
        Pearl A. Daughter 14 Colorado  
        Fern V. Daughter 12 Colorado  
        Roy R. Son 10 Colorado  
        Velma R. Daughter 7 Colorado  
        Norma I. Daughter 5 Colorado  
        Dallas D. Daughter 3 5/12 Colorado  
Connecticut New Haven Waterbury ED 235, page 7A Outman, Sarah E. Head 68 Connecticut  
        Alfred H. Son 40 Connecticut  
Florida Pinellas Saint Petersburg ED 11, page 13B Outman, William D. Head 52 Washington  
        Alma E. Wife 44 Oregon  
        Boyd J. Son 16 CANADA  
        Jerry D. Son 14 Oregon  
Illinois Coles Mattoon ED 22, page 18B Outman, Robert W. Head 46 Illinois  
        Estella Wife 50 Illinois  
Illinois Cook Chicago ED 244, page 8B Outman, Anna Head 44 Illinois  
        Ethel Daughter 17 Illinois  
        George Son 16 Illinois  
Illinois Cook Chicago ED 386, page 12A Outman, Henry Head 34 NETHERLANDS  
        Nellie Wife 35 Illinois  
        Richard Son 14 Illinois  
        George Son 7 Illinois  
Illinois Cook Chicago ED 2573, page 2A Outman, Birdie M. Lodger 30 Michigan  
        Virginia Lodger 11 Illinois  
        Robert E. Lodger 6 New York  
Illinois Cook Chicago ED 1000, page 6A Outman, Samuel Son-in-law 24 Nebraska Enumerated w/ Soloman Ravid
        Helen Daughter 21 CANADA  
Illinois LaSalle Marseilles ED 49, page 19A Outman, Alzoea Head 54 New York  
        Amelia Daughter 25 Illinois  
        Evelyn Daughter 21 Illinois  
Illinois LaSalle Marseilles ED 49, page 2A Outman, Virgil F. Head 29 Illinois  
        Lena Wife 25 Illinois  
        Henrietta Daughter 6 Illinois  
        Virgene Daughter 6/12 Illinois  
Illinois LaSalle Ottawa ED 75, page 4B Outman, Lewis J. Head 36 Missouri  
        Irene Wife 33 Missouri  
        Ruth Daughter 14 Missouri  
        Jack Son 12 Missouri  
        John Son 10 Missouri  
Illinois St. Clair East St. Louis ED 51, page 25B Outman, Robert L. Head 44 Missouri  
        Katie Wife 26 Illinois  
        Mary M. Daughter 10 Illinois  
Louisiana Orleans New Orleans ED 115, page 15A Outman, Louis Head 33 Louisiana  
        Jeannette Wife 26 Louisiana  
        Lorraine Daughter 6 Louisiana  
Louisiana Ouachita Monroe ED 12, page 19B Outman, Harry C. Head 47 Missouri  
        Ella C. Wife 47 Missouri  
Louisiana Ouachita Ward 1 ED 12, page 19B Outman, D. R. Head 23 Missouri  
        Vera Wife 22 Louisiana  
Michigan Alpena Alpena ED 1, page 12B Outman, Emma Head 65 CANADA  
Michigan Calhoun Athens ED 8, page 3B Outman, Nathaniel S. Head 83 Ohio  
        Delbert A. Son 49 Michigan  
Michigan Calhoun Battle Creek ED 13, page 16A Outman, Lloyd D. Head 41 Michigan  
        Underwood Orenda S. Mother 69 Michigan  
Michigan Calhoun Battle Creek ED 30, page 14B Outman, Harry Head 22 Michigan  
        Gladys A. Wife 22 Michigan  
Michigan Calhoun Emmett ED 45, page 11A Outman, Carl Head 31 Michigan  
        Lena Wife 28 Michigan  
        Ethel Daughter 7 Michigan  
        Julia Daughter 6 Michigan  
        Donald Son 5 Michigan  
        Dortha Daughter 3 7/12 Michigan  
Michigan Calhoun Newton ED 57, page 2B Outman, Art L. Boarder 43 Michigan  
        Floral W. Housekeeper 29 Michigan  
Michigan Calhoun Pennfield ED 58, page 14A Outman, Bernard Stepson 16 Michigan Enumerated w/ Warren S. Stevens
        Gilbert Stepson 11 Michigan Enumerated w/ Warren S. Stevens
Michigan Ionia Belding ED 2, page 12A Outman, Jay Head 30 Michigan  
        Ruth Wife 27 Michigan  
        Paul Son 7 Michigan  
Michigan Ionia Belding ED 3, page 1A Outman, Perry H. Head 28 Michigan  
        Cecile E. Wife 25 Illinois  
Michigan Isabella Mount Pleasant ED 3, page 1A Outman, Annabell Stepdaughter 7 Michigan Enumerated w/ William Endres
Michigan Kalamazoo Kalamazoo ED 32, page 8B Outman, Frank L. Head 62 Michigan  
        Frank M. Son 32 CANADA  
        Gladys M. Daughter 26 Michigan  
Michigan Lenawee Onsted ED 17, page 3A Outman, Ervin E. Head 45 Michigan  
        Elwin E. Son 13 Michigan  
Michigan Missaukee Aetna ED 1, page 2A Outman, William Head 55 Michigan  
        Mary N. Wife 55 Michigan  
        Ralph Son 29 Michigan  
        Alfred Son 20 Michigan  
        Helen Daughter 16 Michigan  
        William Jr. Son 12 Michigan  
        Lucille Daughter 8 Michigan  
Michigan Montcalm Belvidere ED 1, page 10A Outman, Lyle Stepson 15 Michigan  
        Outman, Lloyd Stepson 12 Michigan  
Michigan Montcalm Belvidere ED 1, page 6B Outman, Truman Head 60 Michigan  
        Nellie Wife 59 Michigan  
Michigan Oakland Royal Oak ED 104, page 5B Outman, Eugene C. Head 30 Kansas  
        Valeria Wife 25 Michigan  
        Dale Son 1 11/12 Michigan  
Michigan St. Joseph Leonidas ED 11, page 2B Outman, Loyd E. Head 38 Michigan  
        Elda M. Wife 36 Michigan  
        Harold Son 16 Michigan  
        Leon M. Son 14 Michigan  
        Doris J. Daughter 12 Michigan  
        Leroy F. Son 11 Michigan  
        Wayne E. Son 7 Michigan  
        Lyle P. Son 5 Michigan  
        Stanley L. Son 3 Michigan  
        Ardus L. Daughter 8/12 Michigan  
Michigan St. Joseph Leonidas ED 11, page 2B Outman, Lucy Head 59 Michigan  
Michigan Van Buren Paw Paw ED 23, page 15A Outman, Howard Head 37 Pennsylvania  
        Madge Wife 34 Michigan  
        Betty Ann Daughter 5 Michigan  
Michigan Wayne Detroit ED 805, page 2B Outman, Ella Mother-in-law 52 Missouri Enumerated w/ Garrett Dalton
Missouri Jackson Kansas City ED 85, page 8A Outman, Robert L. Head 52 Missouri  
        Hattie C. Wife 70 Missouri  
Missouri Jackson Kansas City ED 132, page 8A Outman, Harlen V. Head 40 Kansas  
        Grace L. Wife 43 Kansas  
        Hester C. Daughter 10 Oklahoma  
        Hazel Daughter 7 Missouri  
        Charles N. Son 16 Kansas  
        Harlen V. Son 18 Kansas  
Missouri Jackson Kansas City ED 229, page 45A Outman, Fred S. Head 37 Kansas  
        Ruth H. Wife 31 Missouri  
Missouri Jefferson De Soto ED 21, page 14A Outman, Virgil Head 32 Missouri  
        Charlotte Wife 32 Missouri  
        Helen Daughter 6 Missouri  
        Virgil Jr. Son 4 2/12 Missouri  
        Ruth Daughter 2 5/12 Missouri  
Missouri St. Francois Perry ED 7, page 11A Outman, William Head 38 Missouri  
        Lora Wife 34 Missouri  
        Reva Daughter 13 Missouri  
        Eva Daughter 13 Missouri  
        Virgil Son 12 Missouri  
        Robert Son 11 Missouri  
        Juanita Daughter 9 Missouri  
        Charles Son 5 1/12 Missouri  
Missouri St. Louis Central ED 118, page 20A Outman, James G. Head 51 Missouri  
        Irma Wife 42 Missouri  
Missouri St. Louis Central ED 129, page 2A Outman, Robert G. Brother-in-law 20 Missouri Enumerated w/ Harry C. Bowles
Nebraska Lancaster Lincoln ED 44, page 16A Outman, George Head 41 Illinois  
        Lena Wife 56 ?  
Nebraska Nemaha London ED 13, page 1A Outman, Arthur F. Head 25 Nebraska  
        Theresa M. Wife 23 Nebraska  
New Jersey Hudson West New York ED 439, page 3B Outman, Harl Son-in-law 33 New York  
        Catherine Daughter 32 New York  
        Harl Jr. Grandson 10 Virginia  
New York Broome Binghamton ED 30, page 12A Outman, Forrest Head 22 New York  
        Genevive Wife 25 New York  
New York Broome Union ED 98, page 6A Outman, John K. Head 53 Pennsylvania  
        Madia J. Wife 49 Pennsylvania  
        Velma F. Daughter 16 Pennsylvania  
        John K. Son 9 Pennsylvania  
New York Broome Union ED 99, page 16B Outman, Harold Head 26 Pennsylvania  
        Helen Wife 21 Indiana  
        Arland Son 14 New York  
        Shirley Daughter 8/12 New York  
        Frank Father 62 Pennsylvania  
        Mabel Mother 45 Pennsylvania  
        Richard Brother 10 Pennsylvania  
New York Chemung Horseheads ED 53, page 6B Outman, Archie Head 56 Pennsylvania  
        Gertrude Wife 52 Pennsylvania?  
New York Saint Lawrence Macomb ED 39, page 1A Outman, Archie G. Head 33 New York  
        Pearl N. Wife 27 New York  
        Donald R. Son 6 New York  
        Durwood S. Son 5 New York  
        Dean J. Son 3 New York  
New York Saint Lawrence Macomb ED 39, page 4B Outman, Roda Head 57 New York  
New York Westchester Peekskill ED 109, page 1B Outman, George Head 52 Pennsylvania Parents born in Germany
        Stella Wife 49 Pennsylvania  
        Ruth Daughter 18 New York  
        Kathryn Daughter 22 New York  
North Carolina Halifax Roanoke Rapids ED 23, page 17B Outman, Flossie Head 28 North Carolina  
        Roxie M. Daughter 11 North Carolina  
        Thomas Son 9 North Carolina  
        Olive I. Daughter 5 North Carolina  
Pennsylvania Berks Reading ED 42, page 11B Outman, Aug. J. Head 51 New York Parents born in Germany
        Ida V. Wife 45 Delaware  
        Urma L. Daughter 24 Delaware  
Pennsylvania Potter Genesee ED 11, page 5A Outman, Byron Head 32 Pennsylvania  
        Nora A. Wife 29 Pennsylvania  
        Vera A. Daughter 10 Pennsylvania  
        Emeretta Daughter 9 Pennsylvania  
        Jeffers, Mildred Sister-in-law 14 Pennsylvania  
Pennsylvania Potter Harrison ED 12, page 4A Outman, Walter L. Father-in-law 56 Pennsylvania Enumerated w/ Ivan Kibbe
        Carrie Mother-in-law 37 Pennsylvania  
        James Brother-in-law 16 Pennsylvania  
Pennsylvania Potter Harrison ED 12, page 5B Outman, Sarah A. Head 79 New York  
Pennsylvania Potter Harrison ED 12, page 9A Outman, Floyd Head 42 Pennsylvania  
        Laura E. Wife 39 Pennsylvania  
        Howard D. Son 15 Pennsylvania  
        Russell L. Son 14 Pennsylvania  
        George R. Son 11 Pennsylvania  
        Floyd P. Son 9 Pennsylvania  
        Robert M. Son 4 Pennsylvania  
        Margery O. Daughter 2 2/12 Pennsylvania  
        Dunham, Hannah K. Mother 63 Pennsylvania  
Pennsylvania Potter Hebron ED 13, page 2B Outman, Jerry Brother-in-law 61 Pennsylvania Enumerated w/ Charles Bailey
Pennsylvania Potter Ulysses ED 30, page 1A Outman, Hubert Head 28 Pennsylvania  
        Nettie Wife 25 Pennsylvania  
        Ava Daughter 11 Pennsylvania  
        Orville Son 6 Pennsylvania  
        Helen Daughter 5 Pennsylvania  
        Anna Daughter 8/12 Pennsylvania  
Pennsylvania Tioga Westfield ED 43, page 2B Outman, Carl W. Head 39 Pennsylvania  
        Hazel Wife 35 Pennsylvania  
        Dorothy Daughter 9 Pennsylvania  
Pennsylvania Tioga Westfield ED 43, page 2B Outman, R. P. Head 34 Pennsylvania  
        Florence Wife 31 Pennsylvania  
        Donna Daughter 5 Pennsylvania  
        Rea Son 1 Pennsylvania  
Pennsylvania Tioga Westfield ED 43, page 2B Outman, W. H. Head 69 Pennsylvania  
        Margaret Wife 63 Virginia  
        Arthur Son 43 Pennsylvania  
Pennsylvania Tioga Westfield ED 43, page 7B Outman, Jake Head 30 Pennsylvania  
        Bessie Wife 32 Pennsylvania  
        Arlene Daughter 8 Pennsylvania  
        Howard Son 5 Pennsylvania  
        Ruth Daughter 9/12 Pennsylvania  
Texas Travis Austin ED 13, page 21B Outman, Emeline Inmate 74 Texas Enumerated at Texas Woman's Confederate Home

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