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Outmans in the United States Federal Census

The information below for the 1920 Census is compiled from Ancestry.com index.

DISCLAIMER: It is not known how complete or accurate these indices are.

Outmans in the 1920 United States Census
State County City Census Schedule
Name Relation-
Age Birth
California Contra Costa Richmond ED 36, page 16A Outman, Orr K. Head 34 Illinois  
        Josephine C. Wife 33 California  
        William H. Nephew 6 California  
California Los Angeles Los Angeles ED 220, page 3B Outman, Lillian Lodger 60 Ohio  
Colorado Denver Denver ED 296, page 4A Outman, William D. Head 42 Washingon  
        Alma E. Wife 34 Oregon  
        Boyd J. Son 6 CANADA  
        Jerry D. Son 4 Oregon  
Colorado Denver Denver ED 69, page 2B Outman, Roy Head 35 Kansas  
        Esther Wife 20 Oklahoma  
        Harold Son 9/12 Colorado  
Illinois Cook Chicago ED 374, page 11A Outman, Earle Boarder 19 Illinois  
Illinois Cook Chicago ED 806, page 2A Outman, George Head 43 Michigan  
        Anna Wife 33 Michigan  
        Ethel Dau 7 Illinois  
        Geo Jr. Son 5 Illinois  
Illinois Cook Proviso ED 184, page 3B Outman, Anna Lodger 35 GERMANY  
Illinois Rock Island Hampton ED 95, page 5A Outman, Montana Dau 11 Ohio Enumerated w/ Delbert Broadfoot
Illinois Rock Island Moline ED 120, page 8B Outman, Robert E. Son-in-law 19 Illinois Enumerated w/ Eugene Millen
        Birdie E. Dau 20 Michigan  
        Virginia Gr-dau 10/12 Illinois  
Illinois St. Clair East St. Louis ED 172, page 5A Outman, Robert Head 34 Missouri  
        Catherine Wife 27 Illinois  
        Mary M. Dau 9/12 Illinois  
Kansas Miami Paola ED 142, page 17B Outman, Robert L. Head 44 Missouri  
        Pearl Wife 41 Kansas  
        Hazel Dau 19 Kansas  
        Wilma Dau 14 Kansas  
Louisiana Miami Paola ED 142, page 17B Outman, Harry C. Head 36 Missouri  
        Ella Wife 36 Missouri  
        Dale Son 12 Missouri  
        Fay Dau 11 Missouri  
Maryland Baltimore Baltimore ED 101, page 11B Outman, George Son-in-law 30 Maryland Enumerated w/ William Fischer
        Leora Dau 25 Maryland  
        Milton Gr-son 5 Maryland  
Michigan Alpena Alpena ED 15, page 1A Outman, Delbert Inmate 66 Pennsylvania Enumerated in Alpena County Poor Farm
Michigan Calhoun Athens ED 35, page 4B Outman, Darwin L. Head 44 Michigan  
        Belle L. Wife 40 Michigan  
        Carl R. Son 21 Michigan  
        Walter H. Son 13 Michigan  
        Harry D. Son 11 Michigan  
        Edgar R. Son 6 Michigan  
        Hugh L. P. Father 72 Ohio  
Michigan Ionia Belding ED 64, page 11B Outman, Ira Head 39 Michigan  
        Elizabeth Wife 28 Michigan  
        Leon Son 7 Michigan  
        Glenn Son 3 4/12 Michigan  
Michigan Ionia Belding ED 64, page 11B Outman, Isaac Head 65 Indiana  
        Lucinda Wife 57 Michigan  
        Jay Son 20 Michigan  
        Perry Son 17 Michigan  
Michigan Lenawee Cambridge ED 64, page 1B Outman, Ervin E. Head 34 Michigan  
        Hazel F. Wife 30 Michigan  
        Phyllis Dau 6 Michigan  
        Mable V. Dau 4 Michigan  
        Elwyn E. Dau 3 Michigan  
Michigan Missaukee West Branch ED 106, page 4A Outman, William Head 47 Michigan  
        Mary Wife 44 Michigan  
        Ralph Son 17 Michigan  
        Mina Dau 14 Michigan  
        Hazel Dau 14 Michigan  
        Alfred Son 10 Michigan  
        Helen Dau 6 Michigan  
        William Son 3 5/12 Michigan  
Michigan Montcalm Belvidere ED 100, page 5A Outman, Bert R. Head 27 Michigan  
        Mary Wife 22 Michigan  
        Ronald W. Son 4 3/12 Michigan  
        Agnes Dau 3 1/12 Michigan  
        Leslie Son 1 1/12 Michigan  
Michigan Montcalm Belvidere ED 100, page 6A Outman, Jessie I. Head 25 Michigan  
        Lyle D. Son 5 10/12 Michigan  
        Lloyd T. Son 2 7/12 Michigan  
        Shelly, Mary E. Mother 56 Pennsylvania  
        Shelly, Frank Brother 36 Michigan  
Michigan Montcalm Belvidere ED 100, page 2A Outman, Truman Head 50 Michigan  
        Ellen Wife 49 Michigan  
        Letha Dau 12 4/12 Michigan  
Michigan Montcalm Home ED 126, page 12B Outman, Lillian L. Step-dau 14 Michigan Enumerated w/ Charles H. Agler
Michigan Ottawa Grand Haven ED 126, page 3B Outman, Howard Boarder 26 Pennsylvania  
        Madge Boarder 24 Michigan  
Michigan St. Joseph Leonidas ED 152, page 5B Outman, Melvin J. Head 49 Michigan  
        Lucie Wife 48 Michigan  
Minnesota Hennepin Minneapolis ED 50, page 10B Outman, Petras Head 75 NORWAY  
Missouri Jackson Kansas City ED 174, page 7B Outman, Fred S. Head 26 Missouri  
        Ruth Wife 22 Illinois  
Missouri Jasper Webb City ED 73, page 4B Outman, Orrin Head 44 Wisconsin  
        Ella Wife 42 Missouri  
        Gladys Dau 15 Missouri  
Missouri Jefferson Joachim ED 33, page 6A Outman, Leonard J. Head 26 Missouri  
        Sarah I. Wife 23 Missouri  
        Ruth N. Dau 4 Missouri  
        James E. Son 2 Missouri  
Missouri Jefferson Joachim ED 35, page 7A Outman, Hazel Dau 20 Missouri Enumerated w/ Thomas Anselm
Missouri Jefferson Plattin ED 39, page 5A Outman, Nellie Boarder 19 Missouri School Teacher
Missouri Jefferson Valle ED 45, page 11A Outman, James L. Head 62 Missouri  
        Lela Dau 20 Missouri  
Missouri Jefferson Valle ED 47, page 10B Outman, Martin Brother 63 Missouri Enumerated w/ Carrie Rudd
Missouri St. Francois Perry ED 93, page 11B Outman, William H. Head 67 Missouri  
        Minerva A. Wife 68 Missouri  
Missouri St. Louis Central ED 128, page 36A Outman, James G. Head 41 Missouri  
        Irma A. Wife 31 Missouri  
        Walter James Son 15 Missouri  
        Ruth L. Dau 13 Missouri  
        Robert G. Son 10 Missouri  
Missouri St. Louis St. Louis ED 305, page 6A Outman, Ethel Lodger 32 Missouri  
Missouri St. Louis St. Louis ED 356, page 9A Outman, Leanna Head 65 North Carolina  
        Anna Dau 32 Missouri  
New Jersey Hudson West New York ED 344, page 11A Outman, Harl Son-in-law 22 New York Enumerated w/ Fred Zimmer
        Katherine Dau 22 New York  
        Harl Gr-son 9/12 Virginia  
New York Saint Lawrence Macomb ED 140, page 6B Outman, Rhoda Head 47 New York  
        Archie Son 23 New York  
        Marion Dau 21 New York  
New York Seneca Waterloo ED 128, page 2A Outman, Paul W. Roomer 26 Pennsylvania  
North Carolina Hyde Currituck ED 18, page 2B Outman, Thomas Head 34 Georgia  
        Flossie May Wife 15 North Carolina  
        Roxie May Dau 1 5/12 North Carolina  
Ohio Hamilton Cincinnati ED 178, page 2A Outman, Oli Head 39 RUSSIA  
        Goldie Wife 35 POLAND  
        Max Son 8 Ohio  
Pennsylvania Allegheny Hazelwood ED 563, page 5B Outman, Mike Boarder 50 HUNGARY  
Pennsylvania Lancaster Quarryville ED 41, page 2B Outman, Charles Head 30 Pennsylvania  
        Elizabeth Wife 32 Pennsylvania  
Pennsylvania Potter Harrison ED 119, page 6A Outman, Byron Head 22 Pennsylvania  
        Nora Wife 20 Pennsylvania  
        Vera Dau 10/12 Pennsylvania  
Pennsylvania Potter Harrison ED 119, page 3B Outman, E. C. Head 72 Pennsylvania  
        Sarah Wife 63 New York  
Pennsylvania Potter Harrison ED 120, page 1B Outman, Floyd Head 31 Pennsylvania  
        Laura Wife 28 Pennsylvania  
        Howard Son 4 10/12 Pennsylvania  
        Russell Son 3 9/12 Pennsylvania  
        George R. Son 1 8/12 Pennsylvania  
Pennsylvania Potter Harrison ED 120, page 2B Outman, Lawrence Head 24 Pennsylvania  
        Ada Wife 22 Pennsylvania  
        James L. Son 3 4/12 Pennsylvania  
        Lawrence R. Son 6/12 Pennsylvania  
Pennsylvania Potter Hebron ED 121, page 5A Outman, Jerry Brother-in-law 51 Pennsylvania Enumerated w/ Charles Bailey
Pennsylvania Tioga Knoxville ED 153, page 6B Outman, Frank Head 52 Pennsylvania  
        Mabel Wife 35 Pennsylvania  
        Harold Son 16 Pennsylvania  
        Forrest Son 12 Pennsylvania  
Pennsylvania Tioga Osceola ED 160, page 3B Outman, John Superintendent 40 Pennsylvania Enumerated at Bethel Orphanage
        Madie J. Matron 39 Pennsylvania  
        Gilbert Son 15 Pennsylvania  
        Velma Dau 6 Pennsylvania  
Pennsylvania Tioga Westfield ED 171, page 4B Outman, George G. Head 91 New York  
        Delphia E. Dau 39 Pennsylvania  
Pennsylvania Tioga Westfield ED 171, page 6A Outman, Jake H. Head 20 Pennsylvania  
        Bessie Wife 21 Pennsylvania  
Pennsylvania Tioga Westfield ED 171, page 10A Outman, Ralph C. Head 56 Pennsylvania  
        Ada M. Wife 47 New York  
        Paul W. Son 26 Pennsylvania  
        Marjorie H. Dau 18 Pennsylvania  
        Blanche G. Dau 13 Pennsylvania  
Pennsylvania Tioga Westfield ED 171, page 7B Outman, Rea P. Head 24 Pennsylvania  
        Florence M. Wife 21 Pennsylvania  
Pennsylvania Tioga Westfield ED 171, page 2A Outman, William H. Head 58 Pennsylvania  
        Margaret Wife 53 Virginia  
        Arthur R. Son 32 Pennsylvania  
        Carl W. Son 28 Pennsylvania  
Vermont Bennington Bennington Town ED 28, page 10A Outman, Mary J. Head 39 Vermont  
        Charles Son 15 Vermont  
        James Son 13 Vermont  
        Kenneth Son 11 Vermont  
        Walter Son 6 Vermont  
        McGowen, Anthony Father 59 Vermont  
        Helen Mother 58 Vermont  
Virginia Norfolk Norfolk ED 234, page 1A Outman, Frank Head 52 Michigan  
        Frank Son 20 CANADA  
        Maud Dau 18 Michigan  
        Gladys Dau 17 Michigan  
        Velma Dau 14 Michigan  
Wisconsin Columbia Lodi ED 15, page 7A Outman, William Boarder 47 Wisconsin  
Wisconsin Green Jefferson ED 137, page 3A Outman, Frank Brother 50 Wisconsin Note: Census very difficult to read
        Lena Sister-in-law 39 Wisconsin  
        Marie Niece 4 6/12 Wisconsin  

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