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Outmans in the United States Federal Census

The information on this page is extracted, not from the actual census, but rather from various indices.

DISCLAIMER: It is not known how complete or accurate these indices are.
Outmans in the 1850 U. S. Census Index
Name State County Page Census Division
Outman, Henry Illinois Cook 436 E. Chicago
Outman, William H. Illinois Washington 100 20th Dist.
Outman, Catharine Iowa Marion 233 District
Outman, Jonah Michigan Calhoun 118R Athens
Outman, Daniel New York New York City 250 Ward 10
Outman, Frederick New York New York City 83 Ward 19
Outman, Bernard Ohio Auglaize 234 Minster
Outman, Bernhard Ohio Hamilton 227 Cincinnati
Outman, Harman Ohio Auglaize 234 Minster
Outman, Henry Pennsylvania Potter 148 Harrison
Outman, Stephen Pennsylvania Potter 150 Harrison

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