1913 Outman Family Reunion
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Third (and last) meeting of the Outman Reunion Assn.     Athens, Mich. 1913

Preface by Evelyn A. (Outman) Perkins:
(These notes were not written in the book back in 1913, and it was not until 1962 that my mother Alzoea Outman at 86 1/2 years of age made the following comment in the book re the 3rd and final reunion):

"The relatives met and had a wonderful time. The Geo. Outman Home seen in picture was the central meeting place. At night the many cousins took the visitors into their own homes, and we met again the next day with "Uncle Geo." and "Aunt Pop". There were many new faces here and friendships made for years to come. The health of Pres. Wm. H. Outman began to fail and the Secy. had additional cares and no one even suggested another Reunion, that I can remember at this late date (1962) but we had much fun and happy fellowship while the gathering continued. No names listed--but 70 show up in picture--Last report of Sec. Alzoea Outman at age 86 1/2 year.

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